Integrated Circuit Fabrication: Science and Technology

A brand new, up-to-date book on the science behind integrated circuit fabrication technologies, and the manufacturing methods used to implement these technologies. This textbook explains the many technologies used in manufacturing silicon and other semiconductor integrated circuits. Numerous examples, such as modern CMOS technology, are used to illustrate the scientific bases for these technologies and the inventions that have made all this possible. Examples using computer simulation tools provide insight and understanding of technologies including lithography, thin film deposition and etching, ion implantation and diffusion. Individuals who use and design chips in many application areas ranging from computers and communication systems to energy systems and medical electronics will gain an understanding of how these chips are built and what the future holds, through reading this text.

To be published in full color with end of chapter problems, a solutions manual and online resources by Cambridge University Press in 2023, the authors and publisher are making available a limited free version through this website.

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